Multiple shaders on one sprite

Hi, I was wondering how can I Apply two shaders to a single sprite or renderTexture
I saw other posts saying use multiple passes and googled it and found nothing

I currently have a blur shader and a vignette shader but I don’t know how to apply them to one render texture at once, of course in the order that was mentioned. first blur and then vignette


I bet @r101 or @stevetranby may know?

@TURKY_M7MD There is plenty of info online about this topic. As far as I know, it’s not possible to have multiple shaders applied to the sprite at the same time. If you think about it for a bit, you’re sure to realise why this is so.

There may be alternative methods that may be used to achieve the desired effect. One is to apply a shader to a sprite, render it out to a render texture, then apply a shader to that render texture. Another method, which may or may not work, is to apply the different algorithms into one shader, but that really depends on what input is required for the effects to work.

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