Missing step in Cocos Creator documentation

Missing step in Cocos Creator documentation
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Hi guys,

I’m completely new to cocos and therefore I try to make a first game with the Cocos Creator and the documentation.
In the step “Adding score” (Link:
http://cocos2d-x.org/docs/editors_and_tools/creator-chapters/getting-started/quick-start/index.html#adding-score ) I think there is 1 step missing:

After adding the label “score” to Canvas and implementing the script, the preview does not run (it stucks when the player hits the star) because in the function “gainScore” the “scoreDisplay” seems to be NULL.
This is because in the documentation it is not described that the “score” - label in the canvas must be dragged into the properties of the game script. It does make sense though because otherwise there is no association between the score label and the “scoreDisplay” property of the game node.
Here is a screenshot:

So my question is: can you please add this step to the documentation?

Thx a lot,


I will have a look.