Minimum Requirements / Maximum tested requirements


What with the ever changing landscape of IDE’s SDK’s and OS updates, it would be great if along side the minimum supported development requirements that there was also a mention of the latest supported requirements. Every now and then when new kit arrives, or more often when kit needs a reset, it would nice to know that you can install the latest and greatest, or if not which version you need to install.

This would be good to know for both the v4 and v3 branches, and how SDKBOX fits into the equation as well.


What do you mean by kits?


When we all every now and then get new machines we need to set them up to deploy our projects so it would be great to know which of the latest and greatest versions of xCode, devStudio or androidStudio were supported along with which OS - like can we build and deploy on Big Sur?

We have documentation that states these minimum requirements :slight_smile:

Big Sur hasn’t been released by Apple yet. We don’t support beta operating systems and I don’t advise that you release your game using a beta tool-chain.

Totally agree about releasing on a beta tool-chain.

Actually on closer inspection the minimum requirements do mention that Android Studio 3.0.0 is the minimum required and that it has been tested which is what I’m trying to get at - but it’s not up to date. I’m running 3.5.3 and that works but I had to roll back from 4.0.1 as it didn’t seem to work for me, but that’s probably my fault with my extended build process - but knowing that it was tested would be good to know. So knowing what has been tested for v3 and v4 would be great for both IDE’s and OS’s

On a similar note when Mojave was released there were some minor issues building for Mac so upgrading was an issue for a time. So when Big Sur is released shortly, knowing that it is supported with no known issues would be great - or knowing not to upgrade. Sensibly not rushing in to update is the best thing to do, but you also want all the latest SDK fixes in any releases you build.

IDE rollbacks aren’t too bad, but OS rollbacks are more a case of reformat time :frowning: