Migrating to Cocos Creator

Migrating to Cocos Creator
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I have a project made up with Cocos Studio and Cocos2d-JS v3.10.

Is there a way to import it into Cocos Creator ?


We are working on the importor, I think it will be available in one month or two, please stay tuned


Great news, thanks.
I’ll definitely give it a try when it’s available.


Any news on a “Cocos Studio importer” ?


It’s already being testing in Chinese forum, if you like to test, here is the download link for Cocos Creator 1.1.0 beta2:

Please be noted, it’s a version which haven’t been validated by QA team, so don’t use it for your important projects.


Thanks for the info!
I tested it on my project: it successfully imported all my assets and node files, but not the layer and scene files. Is it a currently known limitation or did I encountered a bug ? I have some import errors in the console.


@pandamicro How is this going with 1.7 now? Is there anyway for me to import the other cocos2dx that developed in c++ into Cocos Creator?
Looking forward to hearing from you


Can you explain more, I don’t follow what you are asking. Creator 1.7.2 is available already.