Merge tools for Mac

Merge tools for Mac


This was my first time having to upgrade the engine and I manually looked at the appdelegate/headerfiles and ios files to see if anything changed before copying my classes over. Somebody mentioned a tool called ‘meld’ but it looks like they only have a windows download on there website does anyone have any favorites they use for Mac ? thanks for any feed back


DiffMerge is one I use.


thanks will check it out !


did you have to pay for DiffMerge ? I see something about registering for $19 but it also lets you download it for free ?


I use the free version.


Beyond Compare is the best option, if you are ready to pay onetime.
Its just $30.


FileMerge by Apple for viewing a single file or a folder of diff/changes and also allows for saving out merged file (selecting ‘left’/‘right’ side for each difference). It’s free and comes with XCode. I almost exclusively use this to resolve merge conflicts.

I’ve also used the free SourceTree as my git GUI until recently. I have it open diffs or resolve merge conflicts with FileMerge. .

Git Fork is what I’m currently testing out to replace SourceTree since it seems like it’s a much more efficient app. .

SublimeText company just released Sublime Merge git client that has a diff/merge tool. I’m going to give this a try as well once I’ve finished taking Git Fork out for a spin. It’s free to try. .

XCode is also technically a git client if you’re doing all your coding/editing with it. I don’t bother with it except to quickly check changes of the file I’m editing at the moment.

I’ve tried Tower as well and found it to not fit my process well enough.


FileMerge is actually awesome.


I had no idea there was one built into xcode, just checked it out looks great !