Mac app store review rejected "Not sandboxed game-center". Any idea?

Mac app store review rejected "Not sandboxed game-center". Any idea?


Below is the message from the aplple.

2.31 - Specifically, we found that your app provides the following functionality but is missing the associated entitlement:

  • functionality: Game Center
  • required entitlement: “"

I googled about this. And some of them said they gave up and got rid of the game-center.

In Xcode, when I checked Game Center capability, it appears “Add the “Game Center” entitlement to your App ID” checked.

Do you have any idea about this?

Thanks in advance.


well, are you using game center in your app? If you aren’t then get rid of that switch and you should be fine.

I looked up on the Apple Developer Forums and there is a thread that mentions some entitlement issues on 10.8.2 and a way to work around it. I don’t know your platform but just in case something in the thread might help: (Apple ID required)



Thanks for your reply.
But Game center under sandbox condition is working just fine.
The problem is that I have no problem testing game center but Apple keep rejecting with the same reason “Not properly sandboxed”.

Maybe I should remove the game center.


Just to make sure also, you are running code sign with the --entitlements option?

can you post to include your entitlements.plist?


I am not quite familiar with entitlements option.

Here are two screen shots I guess you meant.


OK, let me see if I can get someone else to take a look at this and provide some feedback.


I think it is better to ask it in apple forum.
But hope some guy can help you.


Thank you. I appreciate it.


Yes, that’s what I did few days ago. But still no reply.


If you are an ADC member (chichi you mist be if you are this far) you get 2 technical support instances per year. Maybe open up one of those?


Alright, I’ll try that.

By the way, I uploaded the game without the gamecenter. And it is now “ready for sale”.


That’s great. Post the link in ‘Games/Demo Showcase’ for us to see.


Here is a link for my game.
There is no place for Mac app store link. So I just put it on ‘Others’.


sorry for bump this topic, but I thought that for someone this maybe useful.

You can add to your entitlements to fix this:

It’s strange that Xcode doesn’t provide this as an entitlement option, but your app will be rejected during the review process if you don’t include this.