Looping video player in background


I want to play a looping, auto-playing video in the background of my game.

I use CC 2.4.5.

How can I achieve this?

I implemented a VideoPlayer component, I can set it to “Stay on bottom” – but I cannot set it to AutoPlay, and I also cannot have it loop automatically.

Thank you!

We can ask engineering to help.

That would be great! Thanks!

Can you provide a simple demo?

Oh, I simply want to play a video as an intro to my game – but it should play automatically (not requiring the user to press ‘play’).

(And as GIFs are not supported, I thought it would be the easiest way to use a mute, looping MP4 video?)

Currently there is no autoplay function, if needed you can do the relevant processing by yourself, for example:

That is great! Can I also remove the Video Player controls?