Looking for cocos creator instructor

Hey, I’m very new to cocos creator and want to learn this awesome game engine, I found some tutorials and courses online but I really wanna learn fast, soo I’m looking for an instructor who can teach me advanced game development in Cocos creator.
I mostly work with website development & app development.

I think it would help if you mention what topics you are looking for exactly. Do mention if you are expecting to be free.

You can always ask here. Feel free to explain in detail and the q and a helps everyone benefit.

Wisdom of the crowd.

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I used to work with unreal and unity and I can find all the solutions to all my problems, but in cocos, I can’t find a simple solution even though I kinda know what approach I have to follow.
No, I am not expecting free help or co-operation. I am willing to pay a fair amount to my instructor.

thanks, community is great, no doubt about that, but most of the time i set a very short time for me to achieve a goal or complete a project, so i was looking for some expert who can instruct me or guide me fast.