[Looking for beta testers] R Mahjong – Riichi Mahjong for 4 players

Hello, I’m happy to announce my game R Mahjong - real riichi (japanese) mahjong game.

Some key features:

  • The rules basically correspond to the standard Japanese ones (with open tanyao, red fives, atozuke ari, double ron).
  • Real and fast artificial intelligence.
  • Support for multiple interface languages (English and Japanese).
  • Player progress is displayed (rating).

Open Beta version available on Google Play:


I would be very grateful if you test R Mahjong and give feedback, especially if you know how to play :slightly_smiling_face:.

R Mahjong is made using cocos2d-x v3.17, Boost.Asio, SQLite.

Since the application initially has a network architecture, in the future it is planned to implement the game on the local network (via wi-fi).
And then the game in the global network. But so far only the local game against AI has been implemented.

Gameplay Video:


support site: http://riichimahjong.net

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Cool. I know how to play Mahjong

Frankly, I initially wanted to implement more (network game, statistics processing, strong AI), but then it would never end.
If everything goes well, I’m going to implement it gradually.

Sorry for my not good English.

Thanks to everyone who took and takes part in testing.
The number of people who installed the application was
about a hundred people, the number of active testers now is
about 50.

Testing turned out to be very helpful, but the reason and nature of the crashes (crashlytics reports) for some users remained unexplained.

To attract testers in addition to the announcement here and on the toucharcade was used service https://www.betabound.com
Perhaps this information will be useful to someone.

At the moment we are thinking whether to continue testing further.

Several people advised to add the option of the game without the red fives. Probably this need to be implemented before release. Other improvements are also possible.

Sorry for barbarian english.

Hello guys!

A lot of time has passed since the last post.

Finally, the release of R Mahjong came out.

The most important changes: R Mahjong now a multiplayer game in which you can play against other people in the local network (via Wi-Fi).

R Mahjong is perfect for playing with friends. Not enough players? No problem. You can play against humans and bots in any combination.

You can play Mahjong even when there are less than four of you.

R Mahjong uses Bonjour (Zeroconf) technology, so you do not need to enter the IP address.

Here’s what it looks like:

Network traffic between devices is encrypted, so that no one can cheat while spying on the hands of opponents.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the testing and wrote reviews during beta testing. It helped me a lot.

Try R Mahjong. I hope you enjoy it.

If you can rate 5 star it will help me a lot !

Besides, all ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Have a nice day,

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Congratulations on releasing. It looks fun. I’m not very good though.