Local web-mobile game in WebView

Hello everyone! The question arose, is it possible to run a game created as a web-mobile locally on the phone?
I came up with an interesting version of the control for my application and the easiest way to connect them is to use a WebView. Thanks!

I can ask engineering to have a look.

You can local web-mobile game in webview, you need to be aware of the limitations of the webview, refer to :WebView Component Reference · Cocos Creator

Hello, maybe I didn’t amplify very accurately. The question is not in the assembly of the WebView component (which is available in the next engine), but in the native WebView (iOS and Android). But what can be used, I already understood, but is it possible to use a web mobile game in a native WebView phone without replacing it on a remote server?

You can use your phone as a server to publish web mobie game, then use native WebView to load it.

Hello, I have created an app that uses a native WebView. (Unity3d+webview plugin)
and when I open cocos game from the local path

on mobile. It stuck at cocos splash screen and It shows the error (look at the log from vConsole)

Does anyone have any solution for this?
Thank you.

Which version of creator are you using? you can try to use creator3.5.1 to build a web-mobile task.

I currently use v2.4.6.

what the path you use?

I try to open the project from file system direct, and it shows the same error as you offer. maybe you need to publish the project to a server.

I’ve already tried v3.5.1 and I get the same result

Is it possible to run my game from local storage via native android webview?

No, you need to publish it.

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