[LICENSING ISSUE] You should use OpenAL instead of FMOD on Linux

[LICENSING ISSUE] You should use OpenAL instead of FMOD on Linux

I’ve tried building and running a cocos2d-x 4.0 project on Linux today and encountered the ages-old error (at runtime):

cocos2d/external/linux-specific/fmod/prebuilt/64-bit/libfmod.so.6: file too short

But that’s not the point of this thread.

It seems that cocos2d-x still uses FMOD audio engine on Linux platform even in 4.0. This is not okay for the kind of license cocos2d-x uses.

FMOD is no longer a free product. It has a free (indie) license type, but even that has several serious constraints. Here’s some excerpts from FMOD’s licensing page:

“Note: Free Indie License may only be used 1 time each 12 months. Additional use in that period incurs a fee of $2,000 per game.”

“To be licensed, you must register your project and display the FMOD logo on a splash screen in your game.”

Definitely not something you want to have in a default cocos2d-x build setup on any platform.

How come this pull request was not finished and merged yet?

I’ve actually spent some time to do this myself. I’ve created pull requests here:


the GitHub issue says: it’s a same issue with #16355 #15419, I think we should finish it at 3.18 milestone but if I follow those issues I don’t see them merged either, just moved around milestones.