LabelOutline and LabelShadow are not working on native yet

Hello, Cocos Team!
LabelOutline and LabelShadow are not working on native yet. Tested in cocos creator v3.7.3.
When could you make it?

Is the problem on Android or iOS?


Currently, Cocos engine does not support LabelOutLine and LabelShadow on windows platform. Please use this plug-in Cocos Store to implement functions.

Here are the projects and screenshots that I have downloaded and used:


Select Font Tool to create a custom SDF Font, Configuration Panel Reference:

Then configure the TextMeshPro component:

Final effect:

This sample works in native, Thank you very much!
But it’s complicated that difficult to merge to my project.
Is there any simpler solution?

I’m sorry, but I don’t have a better solution

Why are LabelOutline and LabelShadow delayed?

How to get ttf font work in TextMeshPro?

Fontin-SmallCaps.ttf (29.1 KB)
Alibaba-PuHuiTi-Regular.ttf (9.3 MB)

TestMeshPro is using .json and 4 textures for font.
How to use ttf?

Use the FontTool in the plugin to convert ttf to SDF font.
FontTool needs to use.jar I stored in Demo

Then add the generated json here and material:

I tried with new ttf. It doesn’t export json and texture when click Save button.
Are these paths okay?
SDF is export path to an empty folder?

It was available when I tested it, and your path is fine (32.8 KB)

Could you try with this ttf?
If it works, could you record your screen that shows import ttf and export sdf?

Ok,wait a minute

I am using CocosCreator v3.7.4.

Before the extension was visible but when I unzip your project and open it with v3.7.4, it disappeared.

How can I fix it?

Open the Extension Manager to see if the plugin is loaded.

Now the extension is visible.
It exports one json and one png, It doesn’t work for TextMeshPro component.


Could you send me config.json that you get when click Save button?