L10N issues on Cocos Creator v3.6.3

Hello there fellow developers.

I’m facing some issues with L10N on Cocos Creator v3.6.3.

I was using v3.6.2 and tried updating to v3.6.3 and applying the v3.6.1 L10n patch with no luck.

The following issues are happening with me:

  • “Intelligent Matching” does nothing to my translations keys, even after confirming the popup;
  • The import described in the documentation generates an error:
import l10n from 'db://localization-editor/core/L10nManager'

Generates the following error:

Cannot find module 'db://localization-editor/core/L10nManager' or its corresponding type declarations.

Even when trying to autoimport the L10nManager, nothing happens as if it was not even installed in the first place.

Can anyone provide me any guidance?

Maybe it’s not enabled, you can check on extension manager

The doc might also be helpful

I discovered that the “Intelligent Matching” is relating the problem as a console.warning, so I just need to read the warnings and solve as needed.

Now I just need a way to access the L10N via script, as the error described in the original question still happens. It seems there’s no “L10NManager” anywhere in the code.

The documentation states that I need to import L10N from “localization-editor/core/L10nManager”, but the “core” folder is missing:


Also there’s nothing related to L10N in the extensions manager, nor is a way to install anything.

Anyone? This is really blocking up my project.

The new 3.7.0 update fixed the issue.