Issues after building to web-mobile/desktop

i run into these issues after building the game to web mobile or desktop

i am using Cocos creator 3.0.0 , i’ve tried to build the engine example to the same platform and it seems that it is working , the only difference is that the example that comes with the engine has no Scripts attached with it .
i was using Cocos Creator 3.0.0preview with the same base code and it was working just fine .
Please can someone help me find the cause of this problem .

Thank you !

to be more specific about tis issues .

this part is what throwing the exception .

after a quick debug

the superClass of class opponent is undefined

Note : Opponent is a child class of PlayerController class.
Note : the game is running normal when testing on browser .

It turns out that when i have deleted the parent class and add its methods and properties to the child classes directly (without inheriting them ) it worked .
BUT WHY ! exactly , is inheritance doesn’t work in Cocos creator the way it should or there is something that i missed in my code .
All i have done in the parent class is that i created a class that extends Component then add some methods and properties to share with the child classes .
if anyone has the same problem and figures out what’s exactly the issue is , Please share it with me

It should work, there is something wrong, but I can’t figure out with the given info, it could be related to the circular reference, if you can share the main code or a project, we can make more sense out of it