Is Vungle SDK still compatible with Cocos Creator 3.8? I got issues

On iOS the ads can be displayed but only few callbacks work. Regarding the documentation: Vungle · GitBook

The sample project doesn’t work correctly: GitHub - CocosService/vungleDemo

For example:

  play: {
    // Ad experience started
    onAdStart: (placementId: string) => {
    // Ad has rendered
    onAdViewed: (placementId: string) => {
    // Ad experience ended
    onAdEnd: (placementId: string) => {
    // User clicked on ad
    onAdClick: (placementId: string) => {
    // User earned reward for watching an rewarded ad
    onAdRewarded: (placementId: string) => {
    // User has left app during an ad experience
    onAdLeftApplication: (placementId: string) => {
    // Ad failed to play
    onError: (placementId: string, error: string) => {
    // Vungle creative ID to be displayed
    creativeId: (creativeId: string) => {

For example, on iOS onAdEnd is never called, onAdRewarded is called when the ad is playing but not a the end of the ad. onAdClick is never called when I click on the ad. onAdViewed is not called either. On Android, I can 't show any ads with the same code and with correct Ids.

I was told that it is not supported. I am sorry about it, we will update the doc.

That’s sad. I planned to add this SDK in our games. :frowning:
I’m not motivated to use the native SDK for iOS and Android for now.