Is there anyone who interested in organizing an event in this community?

Is there anyone who interested in organizing an event in this community?
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Hello everyone!

I’m wondering if someone is interested in organizing an event in this community.

Let me explain.

Not so long ago I started the experiment here, and it’s too early to talk about the results, but I can say absolutely sure - it works. Even a few positive comments help to stay motivated and keep the focus, even if you only got 5 hours of sleep (8 hours is the norm for me).
I am very grateful to those who took the time and responded to my topic. And I would like to do the same for you.

And I thought maybe we could organize something like a small event by community.

  • How it is supposed to look like.

Well, it depends on you guys.
It could be like -
Create a match-3 in two weeks. Or create a game about empathy. Or even write a list of concepts and randomly choose who will work on each concept. Crazy idea, I know.

Then we could share our progress in a special topic. (Code, screenshots, anything you want.)
Ask for help. Get help. Get feedback. etc.
Or just say good morning and wish everyone a good day.

  • Why not ludum dare.

Like I said, I do not feel comfortable with this. Maybe because I’m used to this forum.

As I understood, ludum dare is held at a certain time, only a few times a year. But we can run the event when we want.
Since we use the same engine here, it will be easier to get help if you get stuck.

I believe that this will help the community, and maybe will show the capabilities of the engine. And since we use cocos2d-x/js for free, it will be good to give something in return.

What do you think?

  • Good idea, I want to participate.
  • Good idea, I just want to watch.
  • Bad idea.

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I am sorry for my English.


I’ve have tried in the past and failed. Why? Because people want to be working on their own games to publish. Taking time away to do a game jam or related is exactly that. Time away. Lost productivity.

Experiment - game in 7 days!

If you join the event, whose game will it be? You still can publish it. Or continue polishing it if you like it more.

Honestly, I think that I was very productive in the first 2 days, before someone decided that we needed new pipes, but that’s another story…
I agree, this is not suitable for all projects. And if you make a next World of Tanks Blitz, then participating in such events is a waste of time, yes.

But thanks for the answer!


I see that some people want to participate, but no one said anything about his/her preferences.

I mean, do you want to have a time limit? Restrictions on a type of game?
And although it will be funny if several people will write a match-3 simultaneously. I do not believe that you really want this restriction.

My opinion is that it is better to have a time limit, and let everyone work on what he wants.
I also think that 2 weeks is optimal. Firstly it will not be so difficult for those who have less experience, and secondly, you will have extra time in case if something unexpected happens in your life.

Or do you think it’s more interesting to finish in one week?


I do not agree with @slackmoehrle , some people make games for fun and participation can be interesting.
But the cocos community is not large, and I think it would be better to participate in any global Jam.