Is The Shape Of Your Logo Filled With An Ideology?

Is The Shape Of Your Logo Filled With An Ideology?


Logo designing is not a field that you think is only about what you see from outside. Not this is not the case, not at all. It is a field as deep as any other field. You might see the colors and shapes and icons but you might not know the ideology that it carries. Logo designing has different meanings for each shape and color. It carries an ideology of the company, brand, event or whatever thing is being announced through that logo. Let’s have a look at what each shape means in the field of logo designing.

A circle in a logo is not only circle but it is a sign of gentleness. It portrays strength, partnership and resilience. So this is what you want from a logo? The signs of strength, partnership to be depicted? Circle logo maker is the best choice then.

Have you ever used a triangle logo maker? If yes, then do you know what a triangle means in a logo? Triangle is the sign for giving the symbols of energy, danger or maybe the sense of connectivity. A triangle logo is usually used by the people who want logos in the field of religion, science and law. So next time you use a triangle logo maker remember what triangle represents and is that the same thing that you want to show through your logo. If the answer is yes then get a triangle logo maker and get it done.

Let’s talk about square. Reliability, perfect balance and sense of equality is what square carries with it. Squares are commonly used in the logos and this gives your customers a hint of the ideology of your company that you treat every customer as the same. But obviously use some bright colors in it or it will portray lack of imagination or dullness.

Curves, Vertical lines, Horizontal lines and a million more things are used as the shapes of logo and each one of them carry something, something different, idealistic and meaningful. Logo designing is not what it looks like its a million more things and next time you use a shape remember what it is portraying and then match it with the objectives you have. Is it what you want? Is it what you want to deliver to your customers? Shapes and color and fonts and everything must be noticed next time when you make a logo.


Thanks @SarahJacson for the informative post. Learned a lot from it :slight_smile: