Is the Javascript side of Cocos2D still in development or is it deprecated?

I used Cocos2D JS a little in the past, and I am now considering it for a web game that may potentially be ported for mobile.
I would like to use Cocos 2D for later re-writing in LUA or C++ for a native mobile performance.
But I can’t find the latest documentation and the full package is redirecting me.
Is the JavaScript library getting deprecated?

The JS was merged into cocos2d-x 2.0+ which I think still supports JS alongside LUA.

cocos2d-v4 has remove js
You can use axmol: GitHub - axmolengine/axmol: Axmol Engine – A Multi-platform Engine for Desktop, XBOX (UWP) and Mobile games. (A fork of Cocos2d-x-4.0)
a folk of cocos2d-v4, it use c++ and lua language.
Or if you want use js, you can choose cocos creator 2.x for project