Is SDKBOX dead?

Is SDKBOX dead?

Many SDKBOX plugins stopped being updated for a long time. The last post for SDKBOX in this forum is 8 months old. Is there a change you guys release the source code so we can update the old plugins to the newer versions?
Example: the appodeal plugin is importing Appodeal SDK from 2 years ago. That version of appodeal is not Google compliant anymore. I will have to rewrite the sdkbox appodeal plugin source from scratch, to make it work with the newest version of appodeal sdk.

I’m not sure where you see 8 months, but there are SDKBOX posts frequently.

Are you running the latest SDKBOX?

SDKBOX and Cocos are merged together now, FYI. We have developers working on SDKBOX actively.

@yinjimmy can address any of your concerns.

sorry, I was looking at the pinned topics. The new posts are indeed recent.
My only complain at the moment is the old appodeal SDK being used on the sdkbox appodeal plugin.

Yup, let’s ask @yinjimmy for his thoughts on this.

Its not dead but the update is delivered in a messy way

Can you share more about your thoughts on this?

We planned to use this soon. It be really super nice to have it updated. Thanks!

+1 for the appodeal update to latest version i think at this time it is 2.5.1 as we have had our clients app removed from the google play store as a result of the sdkbox appodeal plugin being non google compliant, understand this is a free tool and its been useful thus but i’m very worried, no replies on the sdk box forum either

I believe the sdkbox forums are legacy now, I’m not sure entirely though. Sdkbox and Cocos are all part of the same organizational unit.

Appodeal is obsoleted .
And we don’t have plan to update it.


@yinjimmy what is the suggested alternative to appodeal?

For my app I decided to write my own code to integrate appodeal with cocos2d-x to be able to use the latest version of the appodeal sdk.

@pccsoares are you using javascript/jsb? did you deploy to Andriod and IOS? how much work was it?

I’m using C++/Java. I just ported the Android version.
it took me a couple of days.

Fyber is a good replacement of Appodeal.

SDKBox is alive and well. You shouldn’t have any concerns with integrating it into your products. We have taken this opportunity to forward the legacy SDKBOX forums to our forums here. We hope this clears up any confusion.

@slackmoehrle thanks, I’ll look into it

If you use JSB and knows a bit of Java and Objective C.
I recommend you write your own.
I spent about the same time looking ant try SDKBOX compare coding both platform (admob + firebase) myself
Difference is I can update to new version of admob and firebase anytime I want and debug easily.

Did you use JSB? if so what were your main references for binding? And what version of cocos2dx where you using?

Yes, I use JSB.
I exchange information between JS and Native by using “jsb.reflection.callStaticMethod”
version 3.2~3.17