Is Eclipse still Supported?

It seems that the move to cocos console has broken Eclipse support.
The cocos console is great when run from a command line, but when the Eclipse CDT runs .build_native, then the problems start.

To get the new to build in cocos2d-x 3.4 (need to verify it it is exactly 3.4) or greater, you need to make some changes to Cocos2d-x project files.

CDT Builder is Disabled Why is it now disabled in the Cocos2d-x Android Project?
Enable the CDT Builder by right clicking on the project and then Properties->Builders and then tick the checkbox next to CDT builder. cannot find cocos when run from Eclipse
In, add the full path to the cocos console in the line:
command = ‘cocos compile -p android -s %s -m %s’ % (app_android_root, build_mode)

cocos console cannot find system variables when run from Eclipse CDT ->
Add the following to the C++ build variables in Eclipse by right clicking on your project and then Properties->C++ Build->Enviornment. Add the following to all configurations.

cocos console cannot find the Android Keystore when run from Eclipse CDT ->
After fixing the above issues, now the cocos console cannot find the keystore…

Does anyone have a fix for this?

I having the same issue for years… :-p

From what i understand, Google has dropped support for the ADT and now focus on Android Studio exclusively. Android Studio now supports c++ and using the NDK to build the project. So there is not a reason to support Eclipse.

Right, We only support Android Studio now.