iOS to Android

iOS to Android


I have just finished my game on iOS and setup to run on Android, but everything is kinda out of place, is there any kind of guide to transition from iOS to Android?

Specially, how do I deal with so many screen sizes on Android?


We will be doing a tutorial series soon on multi resolution projects including non iOS resolutions/devices, here’s our YouTube channel


Hey jhneves,

it seems you’ll have to detect the size of the display and load the proper resources from the resource architecture. But with Android devices, its crazy, there are too many different screen sizes, so probably a good idea to stick to the most common used top 5.
On XHDPI devices you might get stretched images. Atm, it is a dance with a shaman drum. :wink:
I wished it would be more polished and out of the box.

here are the basics of multi-resolution from the docs:

a simple tutorial of setting up a universal project:

almost an identical question on stackoverflow:

another one:

Hope it helps,


For my game i have come up with a resolution as if a iPad was the same aspect as a iPhone 5, which brought me to the resolution of 2726x1536. I have then said to the sides could be a dead zone (not shown to user, but will vary from device to device). I then scale appropriately all my gfx to the real devices screen. This means the main game area is a 2048x1536, but anything displayed outside that is non important. Or in my case i adjust overlay content to take advantage of the extra space.