iOS IAP::refresh() only returning local info

iOS IAP::refresh() only returning local info


Hello. I’m using sdkbox V2.4.3.0 iap on iOS.

I’ve setup my local json file with the id mapping to what I created in iTunesConnect.
I’ve signed out of the App Store on the device, ready and waiting to sign in with my Sandbox account when prompted (as per Apple doc instructions).

From the onInitialized callback, I see that IAP was initialized successfully.
However, before I get my onProductRequestSuccess callback I see this in the output:
IAP :WARNING!, Products size is 0

Inside my callback I get a products array of size 1, with only the info available from the local json file, none of the details created in iTunesConnect.
I checked some other threads here: my bundleid is correct, and my single product is in a “Ready to Submit” state on iTunesConnect.

Also I have deliberately not yet signed in with the Sandbox user, as it seems that an app should be able to query this information without that, no?

Any help would be much appreciated.


please check this:

iTunes Connect -> Agreements, Tax, and Banking -> Master Agreements -> Paid Applications-> Contact Info / Bank Info / Tax Info (should be filled)


Thank you @htlxyz for the info - I suspected this after further reading on different forums and tutorials. I’m now on hold waiting for Apple support to help resolve an issue with one of the tax forms :stuck_out_tongue: .

Perhaps the API should not call the success callback in this case?

Even better would be some error code indicating this, and/or ability to step through the source.