[iOS][Android] Santa Bouncy Lights

Hey all,

This is now my 5th game but also my very first 3D game using Cocos Creator 2.2.1.

It’s a casual 3D climbing platformer game that revolves around a Christmas tree.

I have some free promo codes available for those happy to download the game :wink:

Google Play

I would have used cocos creator 3.0 for sure but I was limited by my existing games so I didn’t want to take the risk to port them yet. In fact, I think despite the lack of batching with 2.2.1, I did manage to squeeze a reasonable performance.

Feedback welcome.



What a unique game design. Congrats on releasing. What’s next?

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Thanks @slackmoehrle!

I would not mind doing paid and free promotion with a small budget even though I have also been approached by a few publishers.

fun christmas game :wink: thanks for sharing and good luck in the future!

Thank you!