[iOS][Android] Fleets of Heroes - Survival Mode

Hey all.

I have been working ‘super hard’ on getting Survival Mode for Fleets of Heroes wrapped up and ready for release soon (after just being sucked into rebuilding the introduction and first user experience over and over for the past few months).

A little back story, we built Fleets of Heroes as a next generation mobile base builder. To set ourselves apart from the regular Clash of Clans clones, we have been building a new game mode where you sit on the defensive side with your hero ships and fight back against waves of enemy ships. In a sense, it is a merger of tower defense style game inside a full blown base builder with full control of units (Plus all the RPG elements inside the core game to make those ships stacked!).

I wanted to show off a bit ( :nerd_face: ), there have been many challenges to solve these last few weeks and I have learned so much about the cocos render pipeline and how to optimize Fleets of Heroes more and more as we are adding more complexity. It has been a challenge to keep everything at a smooth 60fps with high def graphics and thousands of nodes and battle loop calculations going on.

Here are some videos of the new chain kill and points multipliers we are building to finalize the points mechanics, so we can wrap up some of the rewards and pvp systems to prep for release. This will all be inside version 2 of the apps on iOS and Android.

Note youtube has the videos in HD 60fps.
More videos soon if you guys like them.

I will let you all know when version 2 app is released if you are interested to try this game mode!


Interesting. I like the music. It fits the game play very well.

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First glance at our v2.0 battle animation refactor.
Recently spent some time revamping a lot of our animations and styling of battle for our v2.0 launch coming up soon. The new vibe feels very well in Survival Mode, this video below is a regular Assault battle.

If anyone wants to know more about any specific animations/node hierarchy, I’m here to discuss and share some of the issues I have run into to keep this at 60fps.


Hey all,

I am doing our final release prep and code merges for Fleets of Heroes V2.
We added a new wall mechanic to spice things up a bit in the new Survival game mode.
Thought this was a cool video to show some of the mechanics in real time with some custom debug drawing.
Modified A* Pathfinding + nearest node + ray trace collision path detection all at 60fps… it was a fun, challenging problem to solve, and we are excited to get this update out.

Update release is on track for this week. More info soon.