Inviting FB friend to play game

I found facebook app invite is deprecated but I can see there are lots of games where I can see the list of fb friends and invite them to play multiplayer game. Another user receives invitation within the game (not push notification). it’s in-game sending and receiving game invites.
How can I do that ? Is it possible with the current sdkbox fb plugin?
Please check below the attached example screenshots. How can I achieve this?

can you share some related docs or urls?

Plz check the attached screenshots in above post about what I want. If you can help It’d be great.

plz check this:


I tried it but it did nothing… recipient didn’t get any notification. But this is not what I’m looking for.
I want to invite to play game to a friend and the another user should get in-game notification like in the screenshot not in the facebook.

For that you need to implement custom backend code or any 3rd party framework.

You could use the api. Example:

sdkbox::FBAPIParam params;
params["fields"] = "id,first_name,last_name,picture{url},friends{id,first_name,last_name,picture{url}}";
sdkbox::PluginFacebook::api("me", "GET", params, "me");

( you will get the results in the sdkbox::FacebookListener method onAPI )
Don’t forget that the list of friends you will get is your list of friend who’re playing or played your game. Not all friends. Facebook don’t allow developers to get all friends. Just friends who played your game.

Can you plz guide me in more specific way? How can I send “game room code” as params to a specific friend id ?

Yes, by using a 3rd party framework for Multiplayer functionality is already done.
I need to send “game room code” to a specific friend id, just stuck on this part and I’m not sure if it’s to be done through fb sdk or 3rd party framework ? In whichever way it is I haven’t got the way out yet.

I think there’re also other ways for share information. Like:

Thanks for your input but so this feature is not possible with fb sdk?
Isn’t OneSignal for system notification? But I want in-app notification not system or facebook notification.
Native share is been already implemented.
I just stuck in sending invite to a fb friends, who are online in my game right now.