Improved animation editor

Good day,

I would like to inquire about the possibility of implementing certain enhancements to the animation editor in the upcoming version of Cocos Creator 3.8.X. Below, I will outline the specific changes we are interested in. If these modifications cannot be incorporated into the official release, could you please advise if it’s feasible for users to manually update the animation editor? If so, how would one go about doing this? The following brief points encapsulate the improvements that would significantly aid our development process:

Global Animation Curves: We seek the ability to apply animation curves to the entirety of an animation. Currently, curves need to be configured separately for each property. For example, in an animation that manipulates the ‘position’ property, we’d like to set a common curve for x, y, and z.

Curve Scalability: It would be beneficial to have the option to adjust the graph of the curves independently, akin to the functionality available in Cocos Creator 2.x.x.

Additional Curve Presets: We would appreciate the ability to create custom curve presets.

Should you be interested in implementing this functionality, I am ready to provide a detailed specification with screenshots of how we envision these features.

These enhancements would be of great assistance in our development endeavors.

Thank you for considering our request.