Implement artificial intelligence services

Implement artificial intelligence services

Can the IBM or Azure sdk be used to use artificial intelligence services in an app created in cocos creator?

For example to convert voice to text.

Good afternoon, does anyone have any idea if this type of sdk can be implemented with Cocos Creator

I think this sort of SDK would be integrated at the native OS/app level not the cocos level, and then cocos would call the native component when needed. So yes, it is possible to integrate any SDK that can be integrated with whatever OS you are building an app for, and then passing back and forth from cocos to the native app.

example: Azure SDK integrated at the iOS level. Cocos app running via an iOS app can call objective-C functions to trigger the SDK.

Another thing you can do is to go through the API itself and do the http requests from cocos side instead of being wrapped inside an SDK.

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Good morning, thanks for the information, I will review the http APIs, which sounds less complex

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