I want build a AI Library for Coco2dx

I want build a AI Library for Coco2dx
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Hello All

I want to post my 4th Year Project idea and see what feedback I may receive. I value all feedback. However, please only give feedback if you really know your stuff, as I need make sure this choice of project idea will be a good idea

I want make many AI functionality available for people to use in the community. I don’t really have too many ideas but thing like clever path finding, formation control, search level or avoid objects can be useful.

Please let me know any useful information t help me prepare a better idea.

The library will be freely made available to all if I succeeed



2D nav mesh generation and agents with dynamic avoidance would be invaluable for a lot of people, especially if integrated with existing physics systems such as Box2D. Path finding solutions of the nav mesh could be abstracted into modules to allow reuse for other purposes (A* in particular can be used for a variety of problems).

But as this is also an academic project start by identifying an acceptable minimum feature set, and focus on that first. It is far more valuable to the community here to have well tested, stable utilities than a wide feature set riddled with bugs.

Start by researching other engines (UE4, unity, game maker) to identify paradigms and API people are used to using, as well as good archetectual patterns that will likely save you pain and time in the long run, as well as give you lots to write in your dissertation :slight_smile:

Good luck!


I had made normal A* path finding for cocos TMX.

It will give you good start.


I shall have a good look man, much appreciated