I need a function like Android's SecureRandom() in cocos2dx c++

I need a function like Android's SecureRandom() in cocos2dx c++
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Hello Devs,
I need a function like Android’s SecureRandom() in cocos2dx c++ to generate a secure random integer. I found libsodium but don’t know how to implement it in cocos2dx. Have anyone tried using libsodium for c++ in cocos2dx ? Or can anyone guide me to implement it? I’m a C++ noob here.

Pls check this link: https://paragonie.com/blog/2016/05/how-generate-secure-random-numbers-in-various-programming-languages#c-csprng


Why mersenne random isn’ enough?
For secure random you need some secure hardware. For example some HSM, or some crypto chip.
HSM wiki


I actually needed to generate random from 1 to 6 for dice rolling. I am using ccrandom_0_1() right now but the users are complaining about it not being random or even saying number is scripted. Sometimes the 6 or 1 repeats a lot or sometimes never comes.
What could the best solution for it? Is mersenne good enough? Can you also send implementation guide?


Do this when game starts srand(time(0));
For more details read here : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4736485/srandtime0-and-random-number-generation


If I do this srand(time(0)); when the starts then I should be using rand() for getting random number right? Or I can just keep using ccrandom_0_1() as it was (in my case)? Please clarify :slight_smile: .


How about c++ std?


This program simulates throwing 6-sided dice.

#include <random>
#include <iostream>
int main()
    std::random_device rd;  //Will be used to obtain a seed for the random number engine
    std::mt19937 gen(rd()); //Standard mersenne_twister_engine seeded with rd()
    std::uniform_int_distribution<> dis(1, 6);
    for (int n=0; n<10; ++n)
        //Use dis to transform the random unsigned int generated by gen into an int in [1, 6]
        std::cout << dis(gen) << ' ';
    std::cout << '\n';



Use rand(), make your own function using it.

Never used. Will it work in all platforms? c++11


ccrandom_0_1() is actually rand() btw


cocos2d-x already based on c++11 since v3.0


I was asking is it included in c++11? or after onwards?
and there are many functions which didn’t work in all platforms perfectly, thats why i asked.


@smitpatel88 Sorry, I misunderstood it. According to http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/numeric/random/uniform_int_distribution , it shows (since C++11), hope this help.


Thanks for your input dear fellow devs, so here I got 2 options:

  1. mersenne (c++ std)
  2. srand(time(0)); and rand();
    Which will be the best for all platforms? Mainly iOS and Android.


Both are platform independent, both can seeded to get the same results for some cases.
Mersenne twister gives “better balanced” randoms, but for a simple game is mostly irrelevant.
The usage is easy by both version. Use what you want, or you feel comfortable.