How to use latest version of Flatbuffers

I want to use latest version of flatbuffers.
because of my game server and client communicate with flatbuffers and
I have already developed game server with flatbuffers.

as below issue there is a problem to update flatbuffers in cocos2dx

so I decide to delete cocos studio support in my project.

  1. remove /cocos2d/cocos/editor-support in project.
  2. copy latest flatbuffers to /cocos2d/external/flatbuffers
  1. Download latest flatbuffers from github
  2. Use cmake+vs2019 toolsets to build flatc.exe
  3. Use flatc.exe regenerate CocosStudio loader code with cocosstudio flatbuffers’ schema .fbs files
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thank you for updating!

when you build android, you have to edit CMakeLists.txt
option(BUILD_EDITOR_COCOSTUDIO "Build editor support for cocostudio" OFF)