How to Solve Slow Video Game Start Why do you load all the images?

Greetings for everyone, I have a videogame exported to the mobile version Mobile, but when loading level 1, it takes too much because you read all the images used in the game, many of them are not used at level 1, but equal are loaded , That makes the start of the game very slowly.
Do you know how could you improve this behavior to start faster?

This is the link of the game:

Its all on how you are managing the resources.
Are you using a single scene and referencing all the assets directly in the scene?
Are you not using dynamic resource loading?

Good morning, thanks for answering, about the questions I share the answer

Do you use a single scene and reference all assets directly in the scene?
If I use a single main scene and when progressing through the game I must show different resources.

Not using dynamic resource loading?
I don’t use it, how could this be done, would it work the same with a single scene?

@pacear10 If you are using Creator v2.4 and above, you can try using the Asset Bundle function.

Good afternoon, Thanks for the information, I will review it

If your using cocos2dx we use Sprite Sheets. it’s when all graphics are on one sheet that’s then loaded in the the hardware cache at once. then Cocos dose not need to call lots of low level file functions and decode of loads of individual files.
There are free tools out there but look up Code and Web sprite sheet they explain it better. If its creator not shore how it works but must be in there else zip all files into one same effect only open one file, WAD Files. this use to stop the Hard drive from choking one call to one file. some one said resource file in post just before me so that means looks like your going the DOOM WAD way.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the information