How to safeguard ur game infrastructure?

GuardEase, the world’s leading enterprise-grade cybersecurity service provider , has recently unveiled a robust game protection solution to increase gaming security and protect users’ accounts, including several tech capabilities and services.

Cyber security has been an increasing concern as the global gaming industry continues to thrive. The potential for making large profits has spawned a surge in malicious attacks by elusive cyber criminals. Thousands of game cheating tools and dozens of cheating programs have emerged and been tailored to manipulate popular games, threatening the balanced playing field for gamers, and the sustainable growth of gaming companies.

GuardEase’s solution enables game providers to safeguard their game infrastructure, fight against game hacking and tackle complex cheating problems. Its proactive and specific defenses against crack and cheating have proven effective for security-sensitive customers, and work across both PC and mobile devices.


The solution has been designated as the industry’s most flexible for game frameworks such as C#, Python, JS, Lua and il2cpp, adding extra layers of security code to the original game data, engine and resource files, with the least influence on game performance.


Elusive cheaters ruin the game experience with unfair advantages over honest players. GuardEase’s anti-cheat detection functions through a cybersecurity perpetrator database, numerous efficient strategies and AI-based user portrait, seamlessly synchronizing with registration, login, gaming process and even online events.

The solution deploys AI technologies to precisely recognize cheating suspects, adopting essential elements like behaviors, devices, IP, abnormal accounts and telephone numbers in blacklists, to carry out an analysis.

Data Center

Game companies also benefit from a real-time data center for Android and iOS platforms. The center operates under a responsibility model for privacy and data protection, to increase predictability for loopholes and risks, demonstrating a protective effect, cheating behaviors detection, interception trends and abnormal users in visual charts and graphs.

Top Stats

420 million cumulative player terminals covered since its launch in 2016

Over 500 games use GuardEase for security purposes

24 billion defenses enacted against game threats

More than 99% of defense detections against game cheating tools are accurate

Thousands of security strategies available on the platform

About GuardEase

GuardEase is an integrated game security technology provider with over 20 years’ experience in game protection and application security for various industries, including entertainment, finance, automotive and retail, mainly focusing on SaaS products and solutions. For m ore information about GuardEase