How to publish android app 64 bit cocos creator

How to publish android app 64 bit cocos creator

Hello everyone I use Cocos Creator V2.1.1, I try to upload an app to the Google store, but it says it must be 64 bit, which I must configure

Configure In
PROP_APP_ABI = armeabi-v7a: arm64-v8a


Compile correctly, but does not allow upload to store

I’m not sure but the issue might be the one listed here, more exactly the APP ABI section, where it says “Attentiion”. In a nutshell you need to clean the project from within Android Studio, then hit build & compile again with the correct ABI selected. If this doesn’t work, rename the .apk to .zip, open it and go into the ‘lib’ folder. If the correct app ABI (arm64) is there, the issue probably isn’t related to the ABI. I guess you can try selecting all 3 ABIs and see if then it’ll work (clean the project again before doing do). Best of luck!

Thanks for the information, I will try to review it

How is everything? Is the issue fixed?

You must delete build folder. After that, let’s recomplie with selection armeabi-v7a & arm64-v8a

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