How to manage Subscription inapp?

How to manage Subscription inapp?

@yinjimmy @slackmoehrle @smitpatel88 n my game i create weekly subscription. in this user get 100 coins every day for 1 week.

if user is connected with internet then i can check daily user is still subscribed or not and give 100 coins by using IAP::restore() method

but what if user do not on internet after subscribed . how to check user is still subscribed ?

1 option is store data in userdefault for 1 week and give coins but if user change date tha then what ?

You would open your application up to cheating in this case, so it is not a good idea to do this at all. I find it a little hard to believe that a mobile user won’t have internet access for extended periods of time, and if that is the case, it surely would not be the norm.

You could always just make it a condition that the coins are rewarded if and only if the user has an active internet connection, and make sure it’s clearly stated as such on the app store page, and in any help section of your app.

thanx you i consider your suggestion . but still have you any idea about this if some time client must want it ?

It’s not up to the ‘client’. They are users of your application, and you are responsible for setting the terms and conditions of using your application. As long as you are open and honest with your users regarding such conditions, you won’t have any issues.

In this case, it really is a technical limitation that you just shouldn’t be trying to fix with hacks that will cause your application more harm than good in the long run.

You can always add a notification in your application, such as “No internet connection detected. An active internet connection is required to receive your bonus 100 coins!”, or something similar. How you word it and display it is up to you. If users ask you why they need to connect to the internet, simply state the truth, which is that there is no way to verify their subscription without it.

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thank you for that i will go with your suggestion .

I will suggest you this only.
Let the player play your game but if user need to collect weekly coins he/she needs to have internet connection.

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