How to make sprite glow effect ?

How to make sprite glow effect ?


im looking some start point/hint/tutorial on how to make sprite glow
like in this picture im attaching

glow.png (16.5 KB)


how would you want it, like an animation glow or just a static texture?
if texture you can do/bake that glow in your favorite authoring tool/s.
if by animation like dimming and glowing,

2 ways i think(im no expert just so you know…),
1: animate it through your authoring tool and make a spritesheet so you can animate it in cocos2dx using frame by frame animation or,
2: you can use shaders if you know openGL, its much more challenging bec. of the low level nitty gritty stuff but the effects you can do are amazing.


Thanks for your replay , your first solution is what i was thinking about right away
but im not sure its the best by the way im no expert also .
The question with shaders is , what are the pros and cons


I think if you use shaders and you only need colors for the effects then you don’t need any textures/spritesheet which obviously will make your game files small and you can dynamically change your effects by just changing shaders but of course you need to know openGL (which is fun to learn, you won’t regret it;) )
on the 1st soln., your animation is baked already if you want a diff. animation you have to create another spritesheet so… im sure you know how tiresome that would be if you’re creating a game full of effects.
by the way if you don’t mind me asking, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? a jedi sword? are you creating some kind of a jedi game? that would be awesome :wink: just be careful it might experience the same fate with flappy flappy something :frowning: