How to Integrate AdPumb SDK for Mobile Ad Mediation?

AdPumb is a mobile ad mediation platform that assists app developers or publishers in earning 2x more revenue through the best app monetization functions.
Our advanced mediation solutions help publishers to connect with Demand Side Platforms.

How Does it Work?
Integrate AdPumb SDK in the publisher’s app in order to get control over eCPM and Fill Rates

How to Integrate?

  • Ad Your Publisher ID to the android-manifest.xml

  • Add Dependency: To resolve the AdPumb requirement, you must provide the repository details to your Gradle script.

implementation ‘com.adpumb:bidmachine:1.9.2’

  • Then you need to config the key to AndroidManifest.xml. Then add metadata with the name “com.adpumb.config.key”.

Placing Ad Formats

private void onAdditionButtonClick() {
InterstitialPlacement addition = new InterstitialPlacementBuilder()
.name(“addition”) //Name of the placement is very important. Revenue dashboard will track the placement based on the name given.

private void onAdditionButtonClick() {
RewardedPlacement rewardedPlacement = new RewardedPlacementBuilder()
.onAdCompletion(new AdCompletion() {
public void onAdCompletion(boolean success, PlacementDisplayStatus placementDisplayStatus) {
if (success){
Toast.makeText(mActivity, “You have successfully watched Rewarded Ad”, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
}else {
Toast.makeText(mActivity, "please watch Rewarded Ad - ", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

NativePlacement nativePlacement = new NativePlacementBuilder()
.toBeShownOnActivity(this)//Activity context
.refreshRateInSeconds(15) //native ad will refresh in 15 seconds
.adListener(new NativeAdListener() {
public void onAdRecieved(NativeAd nativeAd, boolean b) { //refreshed units will be returned here
//show native ads to your layout
//do something



  • 2x More Ad Revenue
  • 3000+ demanding partners
  • Easy Integration
  • Control Over eCPM and Fill Rates