How to enforce types when using cc.resources.load on multiple paths?

Is there a way to enforce type when using cc.resources.load to load multiple items?

For instance, I can load a single item as dragonbone asset using the following code:

       cc.resources.load(somePath, dragonBones.DragonBonesAtlasAsset, (err, res) => {

But I cannot do the following (I’m trying to force the system to load an asset as a dragonbone asset. If I don’t pass this in, it auto loads as a texture, which causes some error. Or is there a way to typecast texture2D to dragonBones.DragonBonesAtlasAsset?

       cc.resources.load([somePath1, somePath2],
            [dragonBones.DragonBonesAtlasAsset, dragonBones.DragonBonesAtlasAsset], (err, res) => {