How to enable by default all editor icons/bounding boxes visibility?

I’m having hard times positioning nodes in the scene, whether it’s 3D or 2D. For me everything is invisible till I press it (except Camera and several others node that have icons enabled).

When I compose nodes for example with colliders, or nodes where sprites in different places, I can’t assess correctly size of prefab, group of nodes etc.

@idchlife i am not sure if i understand the issue. For 2D, you can change to 2D mode to view the nodes. About 3D, i don’t understand what you want? Could you please describe it in more detail? Thanks.


First, 2d scene.

This scene here has 3 box colliders without sprites.

In the Hierarchy they are called Node, Node-001, Node-002.

As you can see, I can’t actually see them. So overall 2d scene for me remains somewhat “hidden”. I have to go by memory - where are invisible colliders. If I select one of them - I see green outline:

Without seeing all of colliders in the editor by default (without need to select them) I can’t actually position them with my eyes. So they would stick near each other etc. For it to work I will need to add supplementary sprite just to see them and them disable that sprite because they are actually need to be invisible for player.

For 3D scene it’s way tougher.

Here is the scene. There are 2 colliders that should be considered “zones” for triggers. As you can see - I can’t actually see them in the editor. Nodes called “DangerZone” and “AdditionalPointsZone”

Here when I select one of the nodes:

Being able to see colliders and even bounding boxes is essential for level design in my opinion.

At least for me. I’ m just feeling somewhat blind when I work without such helpers.

@idchlife i got it now. I am not sure if it is possible to do it. I will ask my colleague to take a look.

Hey! Thanks for the reply.

If it is possible for developer like myself to draw gizmos through GeometryRenderer in editor (not in game) - no need to look through this with cocos team. I think I will give a shot myself at developing extension for Cocos Creator with additional gizmos in editor.

Is it possible to draw gizmos in editor preview window?

In the camera component you can set the visibility property, check gizmos. Like in editor, only shows selected nodes gizmos.