How to create Sprite Node with Image from URL in Cocos Creator V3?

I want to create new Sprite Node with image load from remote URL, but It doesn’t work.
This is my code:

// remote load photo
assetManager.loadRemote<ImageAsset>(photo_url, (err, imageAsset) => {
    const spriteFrame = SpriteFrame.createWithImage(imageAsset);

    const newNode = new Node()

    // add new Sprite component
    const sprite = newNode.getComponent(Sprite)

    // assign sprite frame to the new Sprite Node
    sprite.spriteFrame = spriteFrame

    // set node content size
    const newNodeTransform = newNode.getComponent(UITransform)
    newNodeTransform.setContentSize(200, 200)

    // add to other node

Please help me resolve this problem

Thank you very much!

Is the image address correct? Is the image format?
Or add this code: newNode.layer = Layers.Enum.UI_2D;

thank @Koei ,
I missed newNode.layer = Layers.Enum.UI_2D; in my code