How to build custom runtime now a days? with 3.17.2

Last time I build one, was under Code IDE 1.2 (2017)
It is such a shame that IDE project did not continue.

My JSB games still runs with the old run time, but the font breaks on new macOS, and I had to modify the c++ code.

I can build a mac version of my game under xCode. And it works well with the updated c++ code.

But how do I build that remote runtime under 3.17.2?
Is it still possible?

Give a bit more info, this remote runtime listen to the IDE ip address and runs the js code over the lan network (or localhost)

I will need to ask engineering.

I found simulator.xcodeproj under /cocos2d-x/tools/simulator
I assume that will be the project file to build the simulator (custom runtime).
Haven’t got any success yet, due to error like ‘CCLuaEngine.h’ not found since I built a JS project.

Will keep on update this post once I have any success.

Nah, that is not good at all, it builds a simulator app run up without listening the remote debugging port.

Hi, if you are using the cocos ide product, please keep the original engine version, if you need to fix some issues, you can try to migrate the higher version fix code to the lower version, we recommend developers to try to use the cocos creator product for continuous service updates.