How to build an APK from Cocos Creator 3.8?

Hello I was checking the version 3.8 of Cocos creator.
But Iā€™m having issues to Build the APK file for Android.

I already follow the steps of Setup the Android SDK,NDK.
When I click the Build button it works fine.
But after click the Make button always fails.

I check that the build button what does is, creating the Android studio project.
So when I open the Android Studio Project this appears.

This is an issue with Graddle.

In Order to fix this we just need to change the graddle settings for the project.

Click Apply and OK.
Android Studio error will disappear and we can build the game :smiley:

I really want to know how can I fix this, this works but it need more steps.

Starting with Cocos Creator 3.8.0,Gradle upgrade to 8.0.2 , AGP upgrade to 8.0.2. JDK needs to be upgraded to JDK 17. Also upgrade Android Studio to 2022.2.1.
Please check if there is an upgrade?
The following is my configuration, can be compiled


Fixed my issue was that I was using Java JDK 20. Change to 17 fix the build issues.
Thank you!

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