How to adjust Adjust SDK?

How to adjust Adjust SDK?
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Adjust is an SDK that one of SDKBOX’s SDK relies upon (I’m not sure which, maybe IAP?). It offers debug messages and whatnot. While I was debugging my app this message was printed in logcat:

09-12 15:17:44.741 12795 12795 F Adjust : PRODUCTION: Adjust is running in Production mode. Use this setting only for the build that you want to publish. Set the environment tosandboxif you want to test your app!

Maybe it was added in a recent release of SDKBOX because it’s the first time I’ve seen this message.

According their documentation the parameter should be set at its initialization to debug mode/sandbox mode or release mode:

import com.adjust.sdk.Adjust;
import com.adjust.sdk.AdjustConfig;

public class GlobalApplication extends Application {
    public void onCreate() {

        String appToken = "{YourAppToken}";
        String environment = AdjustConfig.ENVIRONMENT_SANDBOX;
        AdjustConfig config = new AdjustConfig(this, appToken, environment);

So is there way to adjust this parameter through SDKBOX? Directly there is not I think, because it is in the closed source part of SDKBOX. Maybe it can help me debug my beloved SIGSEGV.


which sdk did you include?


sdkboxplay, sdkboxads, iap, admob, chartboost, adcolony


I can’t find any info in there plugin jars. can you help to find the Adjust SDK by:

find /path/to/project/ -name "*.jar" | xargs -I {} unzip -l {} | grep "jar\|adjust"


In the meanwhile I’ve solved my crashes so the priority of needing to customize this logging SDK went down for me. I’ll post any results I get regarding this SDK’s parameterization if in the future I decide to dig into it.


the key is unzip the jar file, and check all the file names,

if one jar file contains adjust, adjust comes from the jar.


Hei @MatrixAndrew, did you find the SDK in which jar file ?