How does PhysicsEditor work with TexturePacker?

I just started studying cocos2d-x.
I have a question.

I made a few animations of characters with TexturePacker (idle,run,jump etc.)
and it works well, but now I want to add physics to the same character.

How To Build a Monkey Jump Game Using Cocos2d 2.X, PhysicsEditor &…

Learn how to make a fun 2D physics game called Monkey Jump in this 3-part tutorial series covering Physics Editor, Texture Packer, and Cocos2D.

so I went to this address and copied it

But I don’t know how to handle this

I don’t know if it’s the way I’m trying

I just want to apply a SpriteSheet made of TexturePacker to PhysicsEditor to work on cocos2d-x

please help

These tools are not Cocos tools, but by Code and Web. Perhaps @AndreasLoew can stop by and help with this.

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that.
Where can I ask these questions on this site?

I’d suggest contacting Code and Web and asking. But we can leave this post here in case anyone has thoughts or @AndreasLoew pops on by.


you might take a look at this tutorial:

It explains how to set up physics. It’s important that you add your sprites to PhysicsEditor - not the sprite sheet.

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