How are you managing source code repository for cross platform project?

Are you using separate repositories for classes, android and ios specific code?

This could be tedious in setting up a new work environment for a new developer. But if you have just one repository, the repository size could be very large because of the files generated in android. Even then the cocos2d files also are large. You can use gitignore to reduce size, but then you would probably need some kind of script for making creation of a new environment easy.

So how are you guys creating your development folders? (Cross platform)

The repository should only contain the source code and resources, and it should not contain anything that can be generated (such as build files).

You mention over and over in multiple posts that it’s tedious to set up a new work environment, but I personally don’t quite get what is so tedious about it.

You only have to download cocos2d-x and set it up once:

Download cocos2d-x, download dependencies, run etc.

Then for your own game project, checkout your game code from the repository, run cmake to generate the build files (or for Android, just open up the folder).

That’s it. There is nothing else to do.

Yes, we find it quite tedious to set up a new environment, so were wondering if others were doing things differently.