Hot Update | Patch Update | Changing the url dynamically during runtime

Intent - To change the url of the server remote package in project.manifest file without sending an apk update.

We use version_generator.js script to specify few things like version, url of server remote package.
This version_generator.js updates the project.manifest file that gets bundled with the apk.
I want to change the url of server remote package dynamically during runtime without sending an apk update.

How can this be achieved?

Reason for this query - While applying patch update the device is loading the old url from browser’s cache memory, hence the required file is not getting downloaded.

Add md5 for each file?

can you please elaborate.

Attach md5 to file name.
Add an api, get update data of new version(need update or not, hot update or apk update, files url) when user login in.
There are many hot update resolution, I dont know which one is suitable.

We did some changes on server end.
We released two patches - patch A1 and patch B1.

Two users (userA and UserB) get patch update request. Server checks if userA is requesting for patch or userB is requesting for patch. On the basis of this info userA is redirected to download patch A1 and userB is redirected to download patch B1.

The issue :-
Before the server can redirect user to download specific patches the browser cached data downloads the patch that we released a month ago. Hence the redirection is failed.

This is why i want to change the server remote package download url which is defined using version_generator.js script and is saved in project.manifest file.

The server will send url i will append it to the project.manifest file and then client will follow the patch update process.