Help us with download speeds?

Help us with download speeds?


Hello all,

We need your help reducing our monthly AWS bill. We are exploring alternatives.

Can you please download from these links and report to us how your download speed was and your location.

  2. Digital Ocean

Also, we could host on GitHub at a URL like: but here would require the developer to run ./ Do you think developers are fine with this step or prefer the full download like we already provide?

This is what I need for a reply:

1. took 15 mins
2.  took 8 mins

I am in Xiamen, Fujian, China




  1. took 2 mins 25 sec
  2. took 2 mins 25 sec (BUT it got stuck after 90% on first attempt, on second attempt it downloaded successful)

I am in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

I think full download will be good o/w it will increase forum post like zip not working etc etc, and you have to reply to each one that run first ./


We thought exactly this same way.

  1. took 1:01 min
  2. took 1:20 min

My location is Tampere / Finland and speedtest shows following:

32ms ping
Download: 54.56 Mbps
Upload: 37.27 Mbps


Ermm, what browser do you use? I tried Safari, Chrome and Firefox and none of them shows time of downloading a file :slight_smile: (mac os x)


hmm, I guess while it is downloading it gives you an estimated time. I just used my phones stopwatch.


I know that, but I wanted an exact time.



  1. wget -> 1min 1sec
    (but this is a CDN, so the first download was slow and following from the same area will be much faster)
  2. wget -> 1min 33sec
    (following download was around the same time -> ±10sec)


I got bored waiting for the downloads!

More than 7 minutes for both but I didn’t finish them - to be fair my son was probably watching youtube, but our internet is notoriously crap!

I’ll report back when nobody else is online so I get a better idea!

Sunshine Coast, Australia

I’d be more than happy to run As long as the instructions to do so are obvious I think it’s fine.


I’m from Bergamo, Italy.
They’re more or less the same, around 50 seconds for both (~7 MB/s), but I tried a couple times and sometimes the one from is really slow (like 40 KB/s)

  1. 62 seconds(including Mac auto unzip)
  2. 3 minutes and 50 seconds(including Mac auto unzip)

From Romania. Obviously we would prefer not to manually run the dependencies script(but it’s not that bad).

  1. 25MB/s avg (~15s)
  2. 17MB/s avg (~22s)

I’ve always wondered why you don’t use for releases? I mean at least as a mirror? Oh, yeah while I think you could’ve just used an installer wrapper around effectively running it would make sense you don’t want that for the main use case since the goal should be to reduce barriers, not add them.

So I guess I’ve just wondered why you don’t use one of the free open source release hosting services? is still in use, for example. I’m sure there are plenty of others.
(I guess I figured it wasn’t costing much since you were hosting it.)


Why was it that you can’t use, by the way? It appears you can add a large binary just fine? Have you tried this before? I realize it’s not necessarily meant for that, but many apps share binary distributables that way, granted they’re usually much smaller in size (I think).

We don’t limit the total size of your binary release files, nor the bandwidth used to deliver them. However, each individual file must be under 2 GB in size.

Redox (a project I watch) has 30+40 MB binaries per release. .

Just tried w/cocos2d-x binary, mostly for my own curiosity: .

Maybe wait for a slimmer v4.0? With a fresh repository? Heh.

  1. took 1 mins
  2. took 3 mins

I am in Sunnyvale, CA

  1. took 1 mins 10 sec
  2. took 7 mins 23 sec

I am in Ukraine


I think there was a reason, let me ask @zhangxm if he knows why we dont use it.


I don’t say that we can not use, what i know is that when releasing a version in github, the default zip file doesn’t include submodule.


Yes, Shun also brought this up and thought that users prefer our all in one download we offer now.


Well there’s probably an API for automation, but I suppose even a community member could easily just mirror whatever you normally put on the website.

In other words, you tag the github HEAD/commit as a release, but then you can add to it a fully bundled everything included .zip file.