Hardware and OS choices

Hardware and OS choices
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I don’t agree with this advice. A fast CPU is nice, but you really need RAM and a fast hard disk. XCode is a hog as is Android Studio. So what about some extra compile time if your apps have to swap or what not.


With all due respect, you certainly do have another choice.
I cannot afford the car I would like, but that does not justify my simply stealing it - even if I was pretty certain I’d not get sued!
As a software developer, I find it surprising that you would advocate stealing someone else’s software!


I agree - 1st priority more ram, 2nd fast disk (although I get away with a relatively small SSD with extra space on external HD.) 3rd processor.
My 2011 iMac with 16Gb ram and 240Gb SSD is absolutely fine for developing for iPhone / Mac (can’t really comment on Android development as I haven’t done much)


As this topic is all based on opinion, I am closing it with no solution.