Hardware and OS choices

Hardware and OS choices
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I’m getting a new computer mainly for game developing and I was wondering on what aspect of the system I should focus on. I know I will most likely need an iMac as it allows developing games for iOS but I was wondering whether I should get an iMac or a Hackinitosh.
Also, which component should I focus on, e.g more RAM, fast RAM, more cores in CPU or faster frequency e.t.c.

Any input would be appreciated.


Getting a hackintosh is painful. Every OS update breaks something. You can build one that is powerful for way less money but the headache of keeping it going is brutal.

For me I always focus on RAM and a fast hard disk. I care little about CPU. Most CPU’s have multiple cores now. I use SSD now and before SSD’s even when I bought a new computer I always put in a 7200rpm disk.

I have a Mac Pro, it was expensive. Even more expensive when I upgraded the hard disk and RAM before I even turned it on :frowning:

I think a Mac Mini is fast enough still. iMac is a better value for the money since the display quality is so good. It has SSD and you can get a lot of ram inside too.


It depends on how much you want to pay for your mac (real mac or hackintosh).
I like hacking and I have built a powerful hackintosh recently, it cost me less money than a real mac and it’s more powerful than any MBP. I also have two systems (win10 & macOS 10.13.2) installed on my PC and I could easily switch between them by Clover. The components in Hackintosh could also be upgraded easier than a normal Mac. But you should make sure the components you buy are compatible with macOS.

@slackmoehrle is right, Hackintosh may be broken if you upgrade it to new version of macOS. So you need skill to search the solution and fix problems.

So all in all, it depends on how much money you wanna pay and what do you prefer? For beginners, I still suggest to develop on a real mac, perhaps, MacBookPro 13inch or Macmini or iMac.

  1. Getting a hackintosh is easy nowadays, tonymacx86.com
  2. Every macOS update gives me no problems since 2013 for hardware parts I brought. I just updated macOS using system update, of course before every update I did a backup. It’s not so ideal as real Mac.
    Only one thing “breaks” after update it’s sound, but I can’t say it is, because it’s just should, because kext’s just updated. Fixes so easily, just run MultiBeast after update and click one checkbox, restart, all works.
  3. You should get a faster CPU you can for your money. The compilation time is just incredibly long for cocos2d-x.
  4. Mac Mini is a slowest machine but it will just work, however the slowest hackintosh(Intel Core i3) will compile cocos2d-x faster than any Mac Mini in 2-4times, 5-10min compare to 20 min+. In Mac Mini used a notebooks type processors, so they much slower that “normal” desktop CPU’s.
  5. SSD and only SSD. Indexing for Xcode when opening projects will be dramatically faster with it, well everything will be faster.
  6. If you have enough money to buy an iMac 27", buy it. You will get amazing value/price product, with amazing monitor and colors. But make sure to select SSD only.
  7. Anyway, installing a hackintosh first time can be frustrated. You may just not carefully read instructions and forgot to disable for example CFG-Lock or VT-d… but with all completely followed steps - everything will be so easy as for me
  8. I’ve already built about 10 hackintosh’es machines, from cheap to highend(for my past workplace, i7700K, 32Gb RAM, 512SSD, 1070Ti) and overall got not problems with that.
  9. Editors and Tools is wrong category for this. It’s Off topic.
    By the way my hackintosh from 2013 is:
  • Intel Core i3-4330
  • GA-H87M-D3H
  • Kingston SSDNow 120GB
  • Kingston DDR3-1600 8192MB PC3-12800 HyperX

From which I am currently creating this message and running macOS Sierra 10.12.6
Already tried to use 10.13, but this update of macOS bring a dramatical update - new file system APFS.
I’ve used it, but noticed that it works even slower than 10.12 with HFS, so I revert back temporary. Later, when I will find some time - I will update to 10.13 without converting my current filesystem to APFS.
And I’m sure that it will work just as before.


If you are on an SSD this is automatically done if you upgrade. If you wipe and reload then you have an option to change the format to HFS+


/Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/startosinstall --converttoapfs NO


Nice find. Very useful. I don’t have a reason not to upgrade to APFS, except maybe on the Mac Mini that runs my Apple TV, syncs my devices, websites, file sharing, software update, cache, etc. I use this for so much that I don’t want to risk being dead in the water for any length of time.


Is it legal to use hackintosh for game development and publishing?


According to Apple’s EULA it is NOT legal

it is also NOT legal to run OS X in a virtual machine to deploy to the App Store


For all history of Apple there is no any case, so they never sued anyone.


For now, but you never know. What @CrazyHappyGame asked was the legality, not if Apple actually acts upon it. We cannot recommend violating Apple’s EULA.

p.s.- whispering: I think people do use hackintosh’s and vm’s to deploy


They should sue per person. Thats means very much.

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Still, this topic in category - of editors and tool aka apps for cocos2d.


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Now you with your USA salary about 5-7k what can you say lol ? Sure, buy iMac.


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I feel you. You may do as you see fit.

Our official stance is that you DO NOT violate Apple’s EULA.

[1] Please see my whisper above.


By faster CPU, do you mean more cores and more threads or higher clocked frequency?


just simple - Core i5 or Core i7, which you can buy. Your minimum anyway will be Core i3. Threads and Ghz’s is both needed more ofc, maximum which you can buy, again. Just main thing - buy fast processor for saving compile times.


Ok, thanks.