Happy 8th Anniversary Cocos!

December 1 marks the 8th anniversary of Cocos!

We want to thank you, the developers, for using our engine and tools and giving us a reason to exist.

Also, please join me in thanking @walzer. Without his vision and determination this once hobby game engine wouldn’t be number 2 by market share worldwide.


Congratulations to Cocos team for completing 8 years.

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Congratulation Cocos team for building simple and robust open source game engine.

  • Now team need to focus on good video tutorial regarding physics based, AR/VR based(is possible in cocos).
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Congrats, keep it going!

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Thanks for making such an amazing and open source game engine…

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they grow up so fast!!

Congratulations and thanks @walzer, @slackmoehrle, and all the Cocos developers. :heart:

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8 years,…Congratulations!

And thanks to everyone using and developing this great open soure engine!

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Good old times :smiley: Thanks Devs! As a frontend developer I have to say that cocos is best framework in js :slight_smile: Congrats!
Edit: Almost forget. I am here only from time to time, but I still remember one guy who helped me and others countless of times - @pandamicro, thanks Champ! You rock! Keep doing good work :slight_smile:

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Happu birthday ! :birthday:

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HaPpY biRtHdAy! =)

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happy birthday!
and a bright future!

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Happy Birthday!!

Congratulations to the Cocos team on all the hard work.

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    cc.Label:createWithSystemFont('cocos2d-x 8 years!', 'sans', 48)
    :move(display.cx, display.cy)

Happy Birthday!! :birthday:

Congratulations to the Cocos team on all the hard work. :slight_smile:

Keep it going ! :heart:

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Happy Birthday!

And some pics!!


Congratulations :smiley: