Getting started with SDKBOX!

Getting started with SDKBOX!
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Hey @ValeryKV

No, we don’t collect info on user’s longitude and latitude.

[ On the lighter side, very risky for our users, someone might launch a nuke… :smile: ]



Hi there,

I’m developing a game for kids (2-6 yo) and stores are very strict about data you collect when you target children.

Is it safe to use SDKBOX? What kind of data do you collect from the final user?




@davidejones88 Yeah, SDKBOX is compliant with the latest store requirement. We collect none PII device info so that we can check any live issue in SDKs.


YES PLEASE!!! :smile:


Can , i use SDKBOX and compile with android studio ? I want add leaderboard to my game :smiley:


Yes you can


Hi, can i cache admob in different scene and then show the ads?


Yes you can